Take a closer look at the beautifully designed floor plans available at The Lurgan. Contact us for current leasing specials and to schedule your in-person or virtual tour today.

Floor Plans Illustration
The Lurgan00201$3,5082 bed / 1 bath949 sq ftView7/12/2023Apply
The Lurgan00213$2,7021 bed / 1 bath819 sq ftView7/10/2023Apply
The Lurgan00307$2,8421 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftView7/6/2023Apply
The Lurgan00405$2,8071 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftView7/19/2023Apply
The Lurgan00416$2,9621 bed / 1 bath732 sq ftView7/24/2023Apply
The Lurgan00509$2,8871 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftViewAvailable NowApply
The Lurgan00604$2,5071 bed / 1 bath684 sq ftView8/23/2023Apply
The Lurgan00615$3,0421 bed / 1 bath744 sq ftViewAvailable NowApply
The Lurgan00802$2,2720 bed / 1 bath513 sq ftView7/31/2023Apply
The Lurgan00804$2,5271 bed / 1 bath684 sq ftView7/25/2023Apply
The Lurgan00812$2,8121 bed / 1 bath686 sq ftView7/6/2023Apply
The Lurgan00913$2,4520 bed / 1 bath706 sq ftView7/28/2023Apply
The Lurgan01002$2,2920 bed / 1 bath513 sq ftView7/14/2023Apply
The Lurgan01007$2,9121 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftView6/23/2023Apply
The Lurgan01114$2,7470 bed / 1 bath737 sq ftViewAvailable NowApply
The Lurgan01214$2,7670 bed / 1 bath735 sq ftViewAvailable NowApply
The Lurgan02304$2,8071 bed / 1 bath791 sq ftView7/2/2023Apply
*All pricing is subject to change at any time.**Specials are subject to change at any time.***Floor plans are an artist's rendering. Details and dimensions may differ from actual plans.
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