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Floor Plans Illustration
The Lurgan00212$2,7841 bed / 1 bath732 sq ftView6/27/2022Apply
The Lurgan00416$2,9041 bed / 1 bath732 sq ftView6/20/2022Apply
The Lurgan00605$2,7691 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftView8/4/2022Apply
The Lurgan00609$2,8391 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftView5/27/2022Apply
The Lurgan00715$2,9941 bed / 1 bath744 sq ftView6/17/2022Apply
The Lurgan00804$2,4691 bed / 1 bath684 sq ftView7/21/2022Apply
The Lurgan00814$2,7090 bed / 1 bath737 sq ftView8/2/2022Apply
The Lurgan00908$2,8441 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftView6/13/2022Apply
The Lurgan01009$2,8791 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftView6/16/2022Apply
The Lurgan01209$2,9441 bed / 1 bath761 sq ftView6/15/2022Apply
*All pricing is subject to change at any time.**Specials are subject to change at any time.***Floor plans are an artist's rendering. Details and dimensions may differ from actual plans.
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